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Bravo 2000/220V electric inflator

Bravo 2000/220V electric inflatorBravo 2000/220V electric inflator endowed with booster motor which increases the capacity and the pressure. With 3 meters cable and protection fuses...


330.74€ Ex Tax: 330.74€

Automatic Inflator Bravo Turbo Max Kit

Automatic Inflator Bravo Turbo Max Kit12V Bravo Turbo Max Kit air station for inflating/deflating inflatable boats. It inflate a 7 meters boat in 7 minutes. Manual stop. Flush mount screws and brackets included. Dimensions: 300 x 160 x 70 mm. Recess height 60 mm...


279.41€ Ex Tax: 279.41€

Electrical Inflator Bravo 20

Electrical Inflator Bravo 20Electric Inflator for inflatable boats of lt / min. 125, max pressure mbar 1500, with automatic stop when the desired pressure is reached. Complete with universal fittings, battery clamps and protective filter. Integrated rechargeable battery from cigarette lighter or 110-240Vac adapter. Dim. Mm. 220x320x220H. Weight kg. 3.5...


256.47€ Ex Tax: 256.47€

Electric inflator Bravo Turbo Max 12v

Electric inflator Bravo Turbo Max 12vNew 12v-45 / 60a Inflator-deflator. Able To Inflate Maxi Dinghies In A Few Minutes. Flow Rate L / Min 1000, Max Pressure Mbar 250 (dinghy Of 7 Meters In 7 Minutes). Equipped With 2 Powerful Motors Mounted On An Aluminum Plate To Dissipate Heat. Power Cable And Tube Each Of 3. Mt. Dim. Mm. 310x190x180 H. Weight Kg. 3.5..


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Electrical Inflator Bravo 220/1000 220V

Electrical Inflator Bravo 220/1000 220VProfessional Bravo 220/1000 220V electric inflator with valve adapters. It quickly inflates and deflates the largest inflatable boats...


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Electrical Inflator Bravo BST 300 12V

Electrical Inflator Bravo BST 300 12VBravo BST 12V electric high speed inflator. Can inflate or deflate a 4 meter tender in 5 minutes. Complete with hoses. Dimensions: 18 x 20 x 24 cm...


217.88€ Ex Tax: 217.88€

Inflator BRAVO BST800

Inflator BRAVO BST800High Flow And High Pressure Inflator / Deflator. Flow Rate Lt / Min 450, Adjustable Pressure Up To Mbar 800 (4.4 Psi). Power Supply 12v-13a. Automatic Stop At The Chosen Pressure. Suitable For Traditional Dinghies. Equipped With A 7 Ah Rechargeable Battery That Allows A Range Of About 15 Minutes At Full Load. Dim. Mm. 180x200x300. Weight Kg. 4.8..


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Bravo BP12 air pump with automatic stop

Bravo BP12 air pump with automatic stopBravo BP12 air pump with automatic stop when selected pressure is reached. Comes complete with aspirating filter, valve adapters, shoulder bag, 1.7 meters tube and 3 meters cable. 12V cigarette lighter plug or battery clamps power supply. Dimentions: 19 x 10 x 13 cm...


160.28€ Ex Tax: 160.28€

Electric inflator with manometer Bravo BTP12

Electric inflator with manometer Bravo BTP12Pressure Selection Facilitated With This Specialmanometer. Flow L/min: 450/160. Automaticstop When Selected Pressure Is Reached, Max0,95 Bar (13,8 Psi). Power Supply 12v, Consumptionmax. 20a. Equipped With Connectorsfor Dinghies And Kites With Shoulder Bag.dims. Mm. 205x105x130h....


150.88€ Ex Tax: 150.88€

Inflator Bravo OV 10-230v

Inflator Bravo OV 10-230vBravo OV10 - 220V powered inflator with valve adapters, filter and 1.5 hose. Can inflate and deflate. Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 17 cm...


125.40€ Ex Tax: 125.40€

Electric Inflator Bravo BP1 with Manometer

Electric Inflator Bravo BP1 with ManometerInflator with pressure selection capability through a special pressure gauge. Capacity 160 lt / minAutomatic stop at the selected pressure up to 1000 mbar (14.5 psi). Power supply 12V-20A. Complete with fittings for dinghies and kites and shoulder bag. Dimensions 190x100x130 mm..


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Electric Inflator Bravo GE OV4 - 220V

Electric Inflator Bravo GE OV4 - 220VBravo OV4 - 220V powered inflator with valve adapters. Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 15 cm...


88.18€ Ex Tax: 88.18€

Electric Inflator Bravo 0V6 220v

Electric Inflator Bravo 0V6 220v220v Electric Inflator. Flow Rate L / Min1600, Maximum Pressure Mbar 175 (2.5 Psi),600w Power Dim. Mm. 150x160x170...


78.85€ Ex Tax: 78.85€

Inflator Bravo 101

Inflator Bravo 101Double flow hand inflator, body in ABS and aluminum. Volume 2x1500cc. Maximum pressure mbar 1900 (27.5 psi). Complete with fittings, protective filter, ergonomic handle and wide base for better stability. Dim. Mm. 140x300x570h..


61.07€ Ex Tax: 61.07€

Manual Inflator Bravo 110

Manual Inflator Bravo 110Double action Bravo 110 hand pump inflator with valve adapters, pressure gauge, filter, enlarged base and ergonomic handle. Can inflate and deflate, endowed with switch for single action to reduce force and reach high pressures...


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Foot Inflator GP10 5.5lt

Foot Inflator GP10 5.5ltInflatable Bravo 10 Profi foot pump with 2 air chambers and valve adapters...


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Manual Inflator Bravo 6

Manual Inflator Bravo 6Double action Bravo 6 hand pump with valve adapters. Removing the cap can be transformed in a single action pump to reach maximum pressure without force...


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Hand pump inflator Bravo4 Aluminum

Hand pump inflator Bravo4 AluminumDouble action Bravo 4 ALU hand pump inflator with valve adapters. Can inflate and deflate, endowed with switch for single action to reduce force and reach high pressures...


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Foot Inflator GP5 5lt

Foot Inflator GP5 5ltInflatable Bravo 2 foot pump with valve adapters. ..


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Inflator Bravo 4SH

Inflator Bravo 4SHDouble action hand pump, ABS body. Volume2x1500cc. Maximum pressure 500 mbar (7.2psi). Equipped with adapters for the mostcommon valves. Dims. mm. 110 x 220 x 400h..


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Pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valvePressure relief valve to be placed between the boat and the pump. Once reached the desired pressure, the valve deploys the excessive air...


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pressure gauge (Scoprega)

pressure gauge (Scoprega)Pressure Gaugeto Check The Pressure Up To 1 Bar During Inflation...


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fitting kit for inflators (Scoprega)

fitting kit for inflators (Scoprega)Fittings for inflators by hand or pedal..


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