Marine Pyrotechnics

Marine Pyrotechnics

Marine Pyrotechnics

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Floating Smoke and light signal Solas M.O.B. (Man overboard)

Floating Smoke and light signal Solas M.O.B. (Man overboard)M.O.B. (Man overboard) floating smoking and lighting signal. To be mounted on ring buoy for ships and big boats...


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Ikaros Line Thrower

Ikaros Line ThrowerThe IKAROS line thrower is a robust device consisting of a waterproof plastic container with integral handle and trigger mechanism, a solid-fuel rocket and 300 meters of line. To activate it, the user removes a safety pin, holds the device steady and pulls the trigger. The IKAROS line thrower is approved globally and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations...


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Manoverboard JLHS-4

Manoverboard JLHS-4Orange smoke signal with automatic activation lights for use in any man-at-sea emergency situation. Complies with Solas 74/88, Marine Equipment Directive 2002/75 / EC, Res. MSC. 48 [66] -MSC 81 [70]. Dimensions Ø mm. 190x 450h. Weight Kg.4..


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Signal Rocket with Parachute Solas Approved

Signal Rocket with Parachute Solas Approvedsolas 74 / imo 83 distress signals > parachute signal rocket..


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Buoyant Smoke Signal Solas Approved

Buoyant Smoke Signal Solas ApprovedFloating smoke signal.solas 74 / imo 83 distress signals > buoyant smoke signal..


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Night Emergency distress signal two stars

Night Emergency distress signal two starsNight distress two stars signal with Plastic watertight body. For ships, lifeboats and pleasure boats. Useful also for diving, windsurf and alpine rescue..


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Red Hand Flares Solas Approved

Red Hand Flares Solas ApprovedRed hand flare. solas 74 / imo 83 distress signals..


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Bag for Pyrotechnics

Bag for Pyrotechnicsunits of measure N..


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